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Critical Care - Pulse-Oximeter-Patient-Monitoring
Features :
1. Standalone Capnography monitor measuring ETCO2, RR, and display of capnogram waveform
2. Can be upgraded to pulseoximetery measuring SPO2 and PR and display of plethysmograph waveform.
3. Cutting edge Sidestream CO2 Technology
4. Low sampling rate capnography
5. 24 hours Trend function
6. Large display with clear size digitals and Capnogram waveform
7. Light weight and portable
8. Alarm limits easily adjusted directly on the display
9. In-built Battery back-up upto 4 hours.
10. No routine caliberation required with self auto-zero adjustment system and gain control.


Patient Range

Adult, Pediatric and neonatal


Performance Specification

Display                                      : 12.1” color active matrix TFT

Resolution                                   : 800x600

Trace                                          : 7waveforms

Sweep Speed                             :12.5,25,50mm/s

                                                    Alarm indicator light

                                                    Power indicator light

                                                   Audio Indicators for QRS beep and alarm sound

Interface                                     : Networking

Battery                                       : Rechargeable

Trend time                                 : 1~72 hours

Alarm                                        : 3-level audible and visual alarm

Recorder (optional)                    : Built-in, thermal array,3channels

Record Width                            : 40mm (record paper 50mm)

Record Speed                            : 25mm/s, 50mm/s



Lead Type                                  : 5-lead

Input                                          : 5-lead(RA; LA; RL; LL; V)

Lead Selection                            : 5-Lead; I; II; III

ECG Waveform                         : 1 channel

Gain Selection                            : x0.5,x1,x2,auto

Sweep Speed                             : 12.5mm/, 25mm/s

Heart rate range                         : 25~20BPM

Accuracy                                    : 1BPM

                                                    Anti-electrosurgical interference and defibrillation


Standard Configuration



EtCO2 Micro Stream Latest Technology Modular Cassete.



IBP,FHR Module, Thermal, Recorder Li-ion Battery, Wall Mounting, Trolley


CMRR                                     : Diagnostic mode:>60db

                                        Monitor mode:>60db

S-T detection                           : YES

Measurement range                 : -20mV-2.0mV

Arrhymia analysis                    :YES

Alarm                                      :YES, audible and visual alarm, alarm events            




Method                                    : RA-LL impedance

Measurement Range                 : 20~250BrPM

Resolution                                : 1BrPM

Accuracy                                  : 2% or 2BrPM, whichever is greater

Apnea Alarm                            : YES, and apnea delay:10~40seconds



Method                                    : Oscillometric

Operation Modes                    : Manual /Automatic

Measurement Unit                   : mmHg/kPa selectable

Measurement Type                  : Systolic pressure Diastolic pressure and Mean          Pressure  

Measurement Range                : Systolic Pressure:50-24 mmHg

                                                  Diastolic Pressure:25~180mmHg

                                                  Mean Pressure:30~200mmHg

Over-pressure Protection          : YES

Resolution                                : 1mmHg

Alarm                                        : Systolic, Diastolic and Mean



Scale                                        : C and F Selectable

Measurement Range                   : 27’C ~45C

Resolution                                : 0.1 or

Channel                                    : 1 Channel



Range                                      : 0~100%

Accuracy                                 : 70% ~100%(+2%)

0%~69%                                  : unspecified


Pulse Rate

Range                                      : 20~254BPM

Accuracy                                 : 3 BPM


Meet requirement of IEC60601-1                                           


Dimension and weight                                                           

Dimension                                335x270x200(mm)     

Weight                                       5.4 kg                


Power Supply                                                     

Power Source                             : AC mains power or Internal battery power    

Power Requirements                   : AC 220V(10%)                                               

Line Frequency                            : 50 Hz (+ 1Hz)                                        

Consumption                               : 60 W      


Battery Power    

The maximum number of installed battery:1                

Operating time                             : 180 minutes under the normal use and full


Operation Environment

Temperature                              :10C to 30’C (50F to 86F)

Humidity                                    :15% to 70%, non-condensing

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