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Neumovent Graph
Features :




Neumovent Graph is a high end ICU Ventilator with unique features as listed below:

  • It is applicable to entire patient range that is Neonates, Pediatric and Adult.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • All the advance ventilation modes.
  • With In-built Graphic Display for waveforms and loops
  • Respiratory mechanics package.
  • Internal Battery Back-up upto 30 mins for Ventilator.
  • Trends for various parameters like: Pressure, Tidal volume, Minute volume, Rate, Inspiatory flow, dynamic compliance etc.
  • In built Nebuliser.
  • Auto mode or apnea back up ventilation- in case the patient goes in apnea the ventilator automatically takes off.
  • Emergency mode in case of software and microprocessor failure.
  • Neonatal mode for ventilation in neonates ranging from premature to infants



Adult and Pediatric:         -

  • Volume controlled (VCV), assist/control
  • Pressure controlled (PCV), assist/control
  • Pressure support (PSV)
  • Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)

Combined Ventilation modes:

  • SIMV (VCV) + PSV
  • SIMV (PCV) + PSV
  • Mandatory minute ventilation (MMV) + PSV
  • Tidal volume assured + PSV
  • APRV, BIPAP mode
  • Non invasive ventilation



  • Pressure controlled (PCV), assist/control
  • Pressure support (PSV)
  • Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)
  • SIMV (PCV) + PSV
  • Time cycled, pressure limited (TCPL), with continuous flow
  • Nasal CPAP (with continuous flow).


Backup Apnea Ventilation:      

  • Adult and pediatric applications : VCV or PCV
  • Neonate applications : PCV




Graphic display                 Online display of following graphics

a.        Pressure waveforms

b.        Volume waveforms

c.         Flow waveforms

d.        Pressure-volume loops

e.        Flow-volume loops.


Respiratory Mechanics:      Online calculation of following

a.        Auto PEEP

b.        Dynamic and static compliance.

c.         Inspiratory and expiratory resistance.

d.        Non-forced vital capacity.

e.        P0.1


Nebulizer                          flow to nebulizer during 30minutes


Standby                            to stop the ventilator.  The programmed

values andmode are “in standby”


Trends                              Airway pressure, tidal volume, minute volume, rate, Inspiratory flow, dynamic compliance


Activated alarms                It presents a list with all the activated alarms ( EVENTS)                                of the last 24hours


Oxygen monitoring cell      Connected in the first part of the breathing

circuit for monitoring oxygen content in the respiratory gas.

Standard Accessories :

  • Main Unit
  • Air Compressor complete with movable troley inbuilt.
  • Adult re-usable Patient circuit-1 no.
  • Oxygen (FiO2) sensor-1no.
  • Expiratory Valve- 2 nos.
  • Support arm- 1no.
  • Air water trap- 1no.
  • High pressure tubing for air and oxygen.
  • Operating manual
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