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Critical Care - Syring & Infusion Pump
SP 100
Features :
1. Fully Microprocessor Controlled.
2. Start the pump simply by entering rate.
3. Auto mode for automatic calculation of flow rate.
4. Accepts Syringes 20,30, and 50 ml Syringes.
5. Wide range of flow rates from 0.1ml/hr to 1,200ml/hr.
6. Delivery of fluid at quick rate using BOLUS facility.
7. Audio and Visual alarms to indicate occlusion, Near empty, Empty and end of Infusion, low battery, i
8. Upto 4 hours Battery back up for Emergencies and Transport.
9. Ideally suitable for OT, ICCU, NICU, PICU, Pain management etc.


Flow rate                                0.01ml/h ~ 1200ml/h (0.1ml/h increments,

                                                1ml/h increments when rate is over 1000mi/h)           50ml Syringe

                                                0.1ml/h~ 600ml/h (0.1ml/h increments)                     30ml Syringe   

                                                0.1ml/h~399.9ml/h(0.1ml/h increments)                    20ml Syringe


Bolus rate                               1200ml/h (using 50ml syringe)                                   

                                                600ml/h (using 50ml syringe) 

                                                399ml/h (using 20ml syringe)


Occlusion pressure                4N,6N(+10N)


Volumetric accuracy             < 2% (drive accuracy < 1%)


Total Volume                         9999ml


Limited Volume                     9999ml


Alarm                                     Nearly empty, Empty, syringe misplaced of removed, Malfunction,

Forget to operate after power on, occlusion, influsion volume equal to preset volume, battery charge near finished, battery charge finished, Ac power failure etc.


Power                                     AC22V + 22V, HZ + 1HZ:

internal battery 12VGP 1600mAh Nickel-hydrogen:

internal battery can work at least 4 – 6 hours at the rate of

5ml/h after charger for 16 hours (rate to IEC60601-2-24)


Operating condition              Temperature : - 5~+ 40°C


Transport and storage          a) Temperature :- 40 ~55°C


Condition                               b) Humidity : < 95%


Dimension                              307(L) X 135(D) X 128(H) mm


Net weight                              2.1kg (including internal battery and IV clamp:)


Syringe                                   Syringe size : 20ml/30ml and 50ml. (and optional 110ml)

                                                Syringe type Total 13 disposable Syringe brands can be used.

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