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Radiology - X-Ray Machine
RI - 500 D


1. Out Put 30 KVA/24 KW
2. Max. mA Output 300 mA
50mA- 30 to 120 kV for 500mAs
100mA- 30 to 120 kV for 500mAs
200mA- 30 to 100 kV for 260mAs
300mA- 30 to 90 kV for 120mAs
3. Input 440VAC 60 Amps.
4. Control Digital
5. Display mA, mAs & kVP
6. Electronic Overload Simultaneous protection from
excess selection of mA, mAs, kVP& Input Voltage
7. Voltage Compensators 30 Steps
8. Tube Head Full wave rectified
9. X-Ray Tube THX-125/20/40 BEL make or equivalent
10. Tube Type Rotating Anode (Double focus)
MULTICON BUCKY TABLE : Seven position, manually, operated bucky table with motorised bucky and bucky grid (imported)

MOTORISED BUCKY TABLE : Professional all position motor operated diagnostic table having table mounted screening frame with spot film device.

HORIZONTAL BUCKY TABLE : Plain horizontal table with motorised bucky and bucky grid (imported)

ACCESSORIES : Collimeter, Compression Band, Foot Rest, Cough Guard and Ray Guard.

Due to our continuous product improvement programme, the specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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